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Your guide to smart lighting in Brooklyn

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Do you ever wonder what Thomas Edison would do if he saw modern Brooklyn smart lights? Developing from his breakthrough in illumination, we now have smart home systems that allow you to adjust your property’s LED lights via your mobile device. However, before you run out and purchase the latest and greatest, expand your knowledge a bit, so you understand what you're getting into.

Select the platform you know

Most home automation configurations support a range of platforms to manage your smart lighting in Brooklyn, but it makes sense to stay with what you already have in your daily life . To illustrate, if you have an Android smartphone, you would likely prefer a system that supports Google. Or you could select Amazon Alexa instead which allows you to incorporate voice controls through your smart speaker. Of course, if you select a Vivint security and automation package, your smart light app will be available on Google, Apple, and Amazon's platforms.

Does it make sense to use a smart hub?

You could get a couple smart light bulbs that integrate easily with your home’s existing platform, but you will miss out on some nice benefits. Vivint’s Smart Home Automation can incorporate nicely into your security system when you require the most from your Brooklyn smart lighting.

You will find it worthwhile to link with a central hub and pair your home’s illumination with a smart doorbell, door and window sensors, or other home defense devices. Then your smart bulbs can instantly brighten in the event your exterior surveillance detects questionable activity. You can even have your lights go down when your home security activates at night.

Sleep soundly with your Brooklyn smart lights

The flexibility to customize a unique schedule is one of the best features of smart lighting in Brooklyn. Virtually every LED smart bulb can be managed in multiple ways, giving you the versatility to turn them on or off at the time of your choosing. You can also have them run on a timer, turn them on or off according to sunrise or sunset hours, or program a range of custom plans to fit your unique requirements. With your Vivint security app, you can instruct your smart lights to do what you like and at the right time, including lowering or illuminating based on a pre-programmed schedule.

Smart lighting is affordable and lowers your energy bill

Smart LED light bulbs lower your energy usage much more than the older technology you used before and they won’t burn your fingers if you touch them when they’re on. You might increase your money savings by utilizing pre-programmed lighting schedules, motion sensing, the Vivint smartphone application, or incorporating with your home’s complementary smart home components. You will find that you’ve created an ecosystem within your own home to use and save energy like never before.

Take your home automation past smart lighting

A primary advantage of the Vivint smart home design is it’s all-encompassing, including not only smart lighting but doorbell cameras, smart door locks, interior and exterior video cameras, connected thermostats, garage door functionality, and many other conveniences. When you have authority over your property’s defense systems and automation, your home becomes more secure.

Get your Brooklyn smart lighting from Vivint

When upgrading your traditional bulbs to adaptable smart lights, you should see what Vivint will do for your property. Our smart home packages can make your residence more secure and efficient while enhancing your day-to-day life. Just call (929) 552-2194 and start customizing your smart home today!